Ontotext and TopQuadrant: A Powerful Partnership for Accelerated Adoption of Graph and Semantic Technologies

Ontotext is thrilled to announce its partnership with TopQuadrant, the leading provider of software tools for data governance and semantics

New York, Sofia, Basel Thursday, November 16, 2023

Ontotext, a leading semantic data and knowledge graph technology provider, and TopQuadrant, the leading provider of software tools for data governance and semantics, are pleased to announce their partnership. 

This collaboration brings significant advantages to their shared customer base. With TopQuadrant, Ontotext clients gain a best-in-class knowledge graph creation and curation tool that enables new data governance use cases, while TopQuadrant clients benefit from improved scalability, usability, and performance.  

The Key Benefits of the Ontotext and TopQuadrant Partnership

The new combination of powerful front and back-end systems enables four innovative enterprise semantic solutions:

  1. Scalability and Performance for Large Data Sets: With Ontotext’s powerful RDF database GraphDB, semantic data products such as taxonomies, tag lists, metadata stores, and code lists, can now scale to handle master data management and enterprise data quality and validation efforts.
  2. Policy Enforcement and Automation: TopQuadrant’s expertise in data governance and metadata management will help clients enforce policies across organizations’ full data landscape, mitigating risk of regulatory fines such as for GDPR, and enabling organizations to use their data with more agility.
  3. Pharma R&D Semantic Solution: This solution will enable data models to best capture data and improve data quality, enhancing collaboration and efficiency, automating regulatory reporting and ultimately enabling new insights into drug discovery.
  4. Semantic Data Catalog: This innovative semantic approach for active metadata management harmonizes data across an entire organization, uniting various metadata repositories that reside across an organization. Using different kinds of AI, including LLMs, the semantic data catalog actively populates metadata and ultimately makes data more interoperable and reusable.

This is a great partnership for us, as working with TopQuadrant will give our clients the ability to make the most of their data. Our work together will help them to scale, centralize data quality, access semantics faster, and enforce critical policies. This is a game-changer for our Pharma clients, and this partnership aligns very well with our mission to connect the dots of companies’ data and unlock the potential for greater knowledge – stated Atanas Kiraykov, Chief Executive Officer of Ontotext, Commenting on this exciting collaboration.

Nimit Mehta, CEO of TopQuadrant, added:

The collaboration with Ontotext improves the scalability and performance of TopQuadrant’s semantic data products and semantic applications, and enables new use cases such as policy enforcement automation. Together, Ontotext and TopQuadrant can rapidly accelerate our clients’ semantic journeys.

The Ontotext and TopQuadrant partnership represents a significant step toward supporting data scale and trust needs, with a key focus on reducing organizations’ risk of regulatory fines, and improving the data framework for the Pharmaceutical industry’s R&D processes.

For more information about this partnership and the solutions it offers, please visit both Ontotext and TopQuadrant and follow them on LinkedIn.

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