Ontotext Announces Hiring of Tony Agresta to lead Ontotext USA

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ontotext, the leading provider of semantic technology, has expanded to support it’s growing US customer and partner base.

Northern Virginia, USA and Sofia, Bulgaria, July 3, 2014— Ontotext AD, a leading provider of core semantic technology and text mining solutions, has announced the appointment of Tony Agresta as Senior VP of Worldwide Sales & Marketing with responsibility for expanding sales and marketing in the US to better serve customers in North America and build the region.

“We are very pleased to have Tony join Ontotext,” said Antanas Kiryakov, Executive Director and CEO of Ontotext. “We have operated very successfully in the European market and are ready to expand into North America.  To date, we have had some significant success in the United States and recognize that we need greater focus on this region to build our partner network and customer base.”  Ontotext semantic technology has been integrated into award winning solutions in the US including LMI’s Open Policy which recently won the Northern Virginia Technology Council competition.  The new US group will be focused on growing business in North America, specifically within publishing, life sciences, financial services and government customers.

“Ontotext has great products that stand head and shoulders above others in the industry. We are unique since we provide text mining, a full suite of semantic enrichment and curation tools, semantic data integration and the industry’s leading semantic repository, GraphDB (formerly OWLIM).  Ontotext technology has proven time and again it can run in  enterprise resilient production environments.”  Agresta previously served in leadership positions at Siebel Systems and SPSS where he managed product marketing teams and sales engineering teams globally. Earlier in his career, Mr. Agresta helped start Inforum, a target marketing company serving the healthcare sector and served as VP of Consulting Services.  He was instrumental in the sale of Paragren Technologies to Siebel Systems and also managed the database marketing division for Group 1 Software, now owned by Pitney Bowes. More recently, Tony was VP of Marketing at Centrifuge Systems where he launched Centrifuge into commercial markets and VP of Field Operations for MarkLogic.

About Ontotext, AD
Ontotext provides a full suite of semantic technology including text mining, semantic enrichment, semantic annotation and semantic search. Ontotext has long provided the world’s leading graph database, OWLIM, which was recently branded “GraphDB”.  GraphDB is unique since it can load, query and infer semantic facts simultaneously, at scale.  It has been been benchmarked  by independent third parties to handle tens of billions of semantic triples on a single commodity server.  It also has the ability to query documents and the semantic database using hybrid queries that include full text search.   GraphDB has long supporting a patented blend of forward and backward chaining allowing organizations to create new inferred facts from existing data. This technology expands the number or semantic triples stored in GraphDB allowing for queries to run faster and results to be more comprehensive and accurate.  Ontotext provides tight integration text mining where free flowing text from documents and other sources can be analyzed, extracted, classified, stored and synchronized inside GraphDB.  When your documents change, Ontotext knows that and keeps all of your data synchronized.  Now customers can work with a single vendor for both text mining and all other related semantic technology.  To learn about Ontotext solutions for Media & Publishing, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Government and Museums & Archives, visit www.ontotext.com. GraphDB Lite is available for free.  GraphDB Standard Edition and GraphDB Enterprise are also available at www.ontotext.com

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext