Ontotext at “Meet the Future of AI” Conference

Vera.ai and three other EU projects are organizing the event designed to bring together experts from various sectors who possess valuable knowledge on combatting disinformation. The primary objective of the event is to delve into innovative solutions and gain insights into effectively countering disinformation using the power of Artificial Intelligence.

New York, Sofia, Basel Monday, June 26, 2023

Ontotext will attend the upcoming “Meet the Future of AI” Conference, scheduled for June 29, 2023, in Brussels. The conference is organized by Horizon Europe research projects AI4media, AI4Trust, TITAN, and vera.ai (where Ontotext is one of the partners). The event is held in cooperation with the European Commission and focuses on addressing the challenges posed by sophisticated and advanced forms of disinformation through the power of Artificial Intelligence.

As a dedicated contributor to countering disinformation, Ontotext will have a representative at the event. Andrey Tagarev, a research lead at Ontotext with extensive experience in disinformation projects, will be sharing insights during the conference.

This event is set to bring together a diverse range of experts from various sectors, including research, academia, industry, policy-making, regulation, the media, and the fact-checking sector. Attendees can look forward to engaging in thought-provoking discussions that focus on the critical challenges posed by emerging generative AI solutions in the ongoing battle against disinformation.

One of the notable advantages of this conference is its flexibility. Participants have the option to attend the conference in person in the vibrant city of Brussels or virtually through the live stream. This approach ensures accessibility for a broader audience, allowing professionals from all around the world to benefit from the conference’s insights.

For more information about the conference agenda, please refer to the preliminary program provided. We are eager to take part in meaningful discussions and connect with industry professionals at the “Meet the Future of AI” Conference in Brussels on June 29.

Come and join us!

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