Ontotext Brings Semantic Data Management to the Cloud

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Self-Service Semantic SuiteThe Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4) provides on-demand text analysis and metadata management services through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ontotext, a leading semantic technology provider, has released S4 – the Self-Service Semantic Suite – and has announced a live webinar to present the service as well as an S4 Developer Challenge.

S4 combines an enterprise RDF triplestore (GraphDB™), text analytics services, Linked Open Data sets and knowledge graphs in an on-demand, cloud-based solution. Available through Amazon Web Services, with S4 there is no installation, no configuration and no integration required. Organizations using S4 can be up and running in a matter of minutes.  The service allows organizations of all sizes to quickly and easily start realizing the benefits of semantic data management without the cost and complexity usually associated with this kind of solution. Semantic data management helps users get more out of their structured and unstructured data by connecting objects and their relationships to one another.

“We realize there is a large number of organizations that want to utilize semantic data tools, but couldn’t afford the hardware, software and support or have concerns about the risks of adopting new technologies. These organizations may be start-ups with limited funding, mid-sized companies with tight IT budgets or even departmental groups inside the enterprise that have specialized needs,” stated Marin Dimitrov, CTO of Ontotext and leader of the S4 team. “The Self-Service Semantic Suite was designed to give these organizations the semantic data tools they need, on-demand and without requiring any up-front investment.”

Live Event to Discuss S4
On February 26, Ontotext and Mr. Dimitrov will present “Text Mining & Knowledge Graphs in the Cloud: The Self-Service Semantic Suite.” This live webinar, available worldwide, will begin by providing a summary of the value of Semantic Technology for smarter data management followed by a brief technical introduction to the Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4).

This session will address important questions including:

  • How can organizations utilize Semantic Technology for getting more value from data?
  • Why did Ontotext create the Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4)?
  • What are the main capabilities of S4?
  • What are some practical examples of using various S4 services?
  • What is the S4 roadmap and what new features will be available throughout the 1st half of 2015?

Developers Challenge
To help demonstrate the power and ease of use of S4, Ontotext is introducing the S4 Developers Challenge.  The challenge will award $1,000 to developers that write the most interesting demo, application or show case utilizing the S4 capabilities for text analytics, linked data and knowledge graphs. There are no restrictions on what topics or vertical markets are eligible and the only requirement for participants is that the code be open source and available to others on the S4 GitHub.

About Ontotext
Ontotext provides complete semantic platform transforming how organizations identify meaning across massive amounts of unstructured data. Ontotext blends text mining, powerful SPARQL queries, semantic annotation and semantic search with an RDF graph database (GraphDB™) that infers new meaning at scale. Ontotext S4, The Self-Service Semantic Suite, allows developers to build text mining and semantic applications in the cloud.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext