Ontotext and Datavid Join Forces to Maximize the Value of Enterprise Data

Ontotext’s products and Datavid’s expertise in solving complex data challenges with knowledge graphs, semantic technology, and AI integration promise to significantly elevate the data capabilities offered to their joint customer base.

New York, Sofia, Basel Thursday, May 16, 2024

The collaboration between Datavid and Ontotext marks a significant advancement in supporting comprehensive data strategies, with a strong focus on fostering innovation and enhancing the capacity to derive meaningful intelligence from complex data landscapes.

By partnering with Ontotext, Datavid will enrich its data enhancement services with superior knowledge graph technologies and cutting-edge semantic tools. Ontotext’s sophisticated products, such as the leading RDF database – GraphDB, will enable Datavid to extract deeper insights and create more effective data-driven solutions for their clients.

The powerful synergy between Datavid and Ontotext will unlock several transformative benefits for big enterprises.

Advanced data processing capabilities: Ontotext’s robust semantic technology stack integrated with Datavid’s expertise will allow for enhanced data processing, enabling customers to handle complex datasets more efficiently.

Improved insight extraction: Leveraging Ontotext’s semantic technology will provide Datavid’s customers with a more nuanced understanding of their data, leading to actionable insights that can drive business success.

Enhanced data integration: The collaboration will facilitate smoother integration of disparate data sources, providing a unified view critical for comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

Scalability and flexibility: With Ontotext’s scalable technology, Datavid will be able to offer its customers flexible and adaptable data services that grow with their needs.

This partnership is a significant step for Datavid, as working alongside Ontotext allows us to leverage their advanced semantic technologies to enhance our data solutions significantly. Our customers will benefit from our combined expertise, enabling them to not only enhance data quality but also extract valuable insights more effectively. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to provide innovative and impactful data solutions – stated Balvinder Dang, Chief Executive Officer of Datavid.

We are looking forward to partnering with Datavid as an implementation partner for our technologies. Even the best semantic product cannot add much value to a customer use case, unless a competent solution provider identifies the business problem, designs the technology approach and architecture, and then implements the solution hands-on, working with the customer teams. Even the fastest F1 car cannot win a race without a driver – added Atanas Kiryakov, Chief Executive Officer of Ontotext

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