Ontotext Delivers euBusinessGraph Marketplace

Sofia/Bulgaria Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Ontotext is pleased to announce that it has successfully delivered the euBusinessGraph marketplace as part of the final review of the euBusinessGraph project, laying the foundations of the creation of a worldwide knowledge graph of company data.

euBusinessGraph – Enabling the European Business Graph for Innovative Data Products and Services – is a cross-border project developed with funding from the European Union and aimed at creating a single platform to integrate, harmonize and publish company-related data.

Ontotext has worked to develop the euBusinessGraph marketplace platform to incorporate and host a scalable business graph data marketplace. All the information in the marketplace is stored in RDF format using Ontotext’s signature semantic graph database GraphDB.

The euBusinessGraph marketplace will allow data providers to publish and advertise their data, while data consumers will have the opportunity to search, analyze and compare data from data providers. Users of the marketplace can browse through analytics about companies by location, activity or founding year, for example. euBusinessGraph will also create the premises for third-party applications and company-related data services.

The data marketplace features full-text search by company name, as well as faceted search for exploring the knowledge graph and search for companies according to different criteria. The platform enables analytics and graph exploration by invoking queries directly across a set of diverse datasets sharing common properties. euBusinessGraph marketplace also integrates third-party software to provide search for news articles and events.

Thanks to the capabilities of semantic technology and Linked Data, the collection and integration of company data from several sources, across borders and across languages becomes easier. So far, the aggregation and integration of such data has been a very tedious and extremely expensive task, which has made many potential business models infeasible. The euBusinessGraph platform of EU-wide company data will help the business information and business publishing industries, as well as the marketing and sales sector. Discovering links between and across companies, owners and jurisdictions will also help transparency and accountability.

In the review report of the European Commission, the experts announced that the project had fully achieved its objectives and milestones for the period and that the results of the project (marketplace, business cases, services) were of very good quality.

euBusinessGraph is a timely project given that corporate data have a high potential. The consortium is made of the right partners to address this challenge. Most of the business cases are well chosen, the report states.

Check out the euBusinessGraph marketplace demonstrator and see how GraphDB can help you create your own knowledge graph.


For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext