Ontotext Supports Fine Acts Labs Hack-art-athon in Sofia

Monday, November 6, 2017

image source Fine Acts Labs

Ontotext is very proud and excited support the upcoming Fine Acts Labs event in Sofia on 24-26 November.

The hack-art-athon is an innovative event, in which art meets technology to explore new ways of raising awareness on important social issues.

Organized by global non-profit Fine Acts, the event will bring together great artistic and technology minds that will create art-tech solutions to promote equal rights, boost innovation, and inspire support for protecting and advancing human rights.

The 24-26 November hack-art-athon will feature three key globally important social themes – freedom of speech, climate change and pollution, and LGBT rights.

During the last weekend of November, teams of artists and tech-savvy developers, including our very own Ontotext participants, will seek to create art-inspired beyond-the-mundane tech solutions that could address social issues and offer a specific resolution to a problem. The jury will award the best art-and-tech-for-change ideas with funds for further development.

While art is capable of exciting emotional response, technology can bring art to a broader audience, inspire actions and boost innovation.

As a leading semantic technology developer, Ontotext has always been on the forefront of innovation. Our participation in the Fine Acts Labs hack-art-athon will show both our innovative tech solutions as well as our support for such a noble cause.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext