Ontotext is a Founding Member Of Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ontotext is one of the founding members of the newly-created non-profit organization Digital Health and Innovation (DHI) Cluster BULGARIA.

Ontotext’s co-founding members in the Cluster are: Novartis Bulgaria Ltd, Junior Achievement Bulgaria Foundation, the National Patient Organisation Association, Check Point Cardio Ltd, Aptuso Ltd, SAT Health JSC, Sqilline Business Solutions Ltd, Consento Ltd, FindMeCure Ltd and Mnemonica JSC.

As a developer of semantic technology solutions for Life Sciences and the pharmaceutical industry, Ontotext teamed up with eight other companies and two non-profit organizations to set up the DHI Cluster in November 2018. Among the DHI Cluster founders are Novartis Bulgaria and Junior Achievement Bulgaria.

The DHI Cluster aims to create data-driven digital health and innovative healthcare solutions through the sharing of innovative practices and ideas among all of the involved stakeholders. The founding members of the DHI Cluster will lend their expertise to help define concrete innovative practices for an effective healthcare system.

The Cluster will help deliver the best technological solutions to enhance the sustainability and healthcare services for patients, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and institutions in Bulgaria. It will develop a platform open to private entrepreneurs and organizations that could provide tools to create value impact in digital healthcare.

Semantic technology solutions for healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry are one of Ontotext’s core competencies. Ontotext has years-long experience in semantic data integration solutions in drug discovery, drug development and manufacturing, drug safety and regulatory reporting, extracting structured information from electronic medical records, etc. Some of Ontotext’s biggest customers include top-tier pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as science and technology publishers such as Elsevier and Wiley.

See how you can enrich and explore your medical data with a Knowledge Graph and improve your Life Sciences data management and integration.


For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext