Ontotext Becomes a Founding Member of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation

Ontotext has joined the EKG Foundation to contribute 20 years of experience in implementing big knowledge graphs to enable unified data access and analytics in the most knowledge intensive enterprises across various industry verticals

Sofia/Bulgaria Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Ontotext is happy to announce that as of March 2021, it has become a founding member of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation – a non-profit trade association established as a coordination body for the knowledge graph community. The aim behind the foundation is to establish semantic standards, define best practices and mature the marketplace for the adoption of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKG).

The EKG Foundation was organized by industry leaders who were responsible for creating the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) – a shared ontology about financial instruments and processes. The Foundation was introduced at the Knowledge Graph Conference in May 2020, where the founders presented their case why semantic technology was the optimal infrastructure for data management across interconnected processes.​

The mission of the EKG Foundation is to be the focal point for semantic standards as well as the mechanism for coordination and engagement across the knowledge graph community. The foundation will promote and advocate standards, best practices, and open source components for advancing data management to its next level. The foundation establishes a collaborative community and builds the marketplace for related services, products, and datasets – said Michael Atkin, Co-founder, EKG Foundation. – We are happy to welcome Ontotext and we believe their know-how as a leading vendor of knowledge graph technology will be of great help at the EKG community.

The Foundation serves as a master repository of artifacts for people and organizations. The associated portals were designed to offer curated access to published ontologies, tools, use cases and other best practice recommendations needed for sustainable knowledge graph operations.

As a global leader in EKG technology and semantic database engines, Ontotext is dedicated to contributing its extensive experience to developing best practices and moving this technology from early adoption to mass market acceptance – said Atanas Kiryakov, CEO of Ontotext. – As Semantic Web pioneers, we were at the forefront of this technology for more than 20 years – long before it was named knowledge graphs. Part of Ontotext’s mission is to do what should be done for the wider adoption of semantic technology. We are a member of all relevant standardization bodies, including W3C, EDM Council, Linked Data Management Council, and community organizations such as the Semantic Technology Institute, ODI and the DBpedia Association. We are also the biggest commercial contributors to key open source projects like rdf4j, GATE and Ontop.

Several initiatives and working groups are currently underway as part of the agenda for the EKG Foundation such as defining the EKG business narrative, reviewing the draft of the EKG/MM data pillar and developing the EKG Maturity Model as standard criteria for measuring EKG capability.

One can learn more about the EKG Foundation at the upcoming Knowledge Graph Conference in two slots: EKG Workshop on the 3rd of May and the Launch of Global Coordination Mechanism on the 5th of May. Earlier on the 5th of May Atanas Kiryakov will present Ontotext’s vision on the full set of capabilities needed in an enterprise knowledge graph management platform and how Ontotext Platform addresses thеse via integration of partner technology. Atanas will also walk through the latest updates in the GraphDB engine.


For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext