Ontotext GraphDB Named Champion in Bloor’s Graph Database Market Research

Leading independent technology research and analyst house Bloor Research places Ontotext as champions among RDF graph providers in its latest update on the graph database market

Sofia/Bulgaria Thursday, July 23, 2020

Bloor Research’s Graph Database Market Update 2020 places Ontotext in the ‘champions’ category, saying that Ontotext provides “the best implementation of RDF* that we have seen, while the scope of the Ontotext Platform is broader than anything else in the market.” This is a huge recognition and moves GraphDB positioning from Innovator to Champion. The 2020 Bloor Research market update, which analyzes more than a dozen companies developing graph solutions, discusses the latest trends in the development of graph products. Key among those trends are the wholesale adoption of RDF* and SPARQL* by RDF vendors such as Ontotext and the support of GraphQL as an API to make application and query development easier. Ontotext Platform now supports GraphQL, essentially lowering the barrier of entry to knowledge graph data, while still providing the full expressivity and power of SPARQL.

According to Bloor Research, knowledge graphs continue to gain traction and popularity and many RDF vendors target their construction. Bloor’s researchers praised Ontotext for its focus on knowledge graphs, as both the analysts and the company see KGs as key enablers for general-purpose data management applications.

The research rated graph vendors using eight metrics (listed alphabetically): analytics, ease of use, features, integration, language, operations, performance and scalability. Bloor Research gave a nearly perfect top score to Ontotext’s operations capabilities and high scores for ease of use and integration.

In an analysis discussing Ontotext’s core products, Bloor Research highlighted the capabilities and advantages of GraphDB and Ontotext Platform and praised the extended capabilities of the Platform, its support for GraphQL to make development simpler, and the integration with open source technologies. GraphDB, which open-sourced front-end and engine plugins as of version 9.0., also supports backwards compatibility, which is not always the case with other vendors, Bloor said.

Where we particularly like Ontotext is in the care it takes when implementing new features and capabilities. For example, it is the best implementation of RDF* that we have seen, while the scope of the Ontotext Platform is broader than anything else in the market, Bloor’s researchers said.

Ontotext’s latest products show that it has probably thought more deeply than other providers about what developers and users would need in graphs, the analysts said.

We expect Ontotext to have significant success in the future, across a wider range of industry sectors than was previously the case. If you think that knowledge graphs might be for you, then you should certainly consider Ontotext, Bloor Research authors wrote.

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