Ontotext Announces Hiring of James Leigh as Consultant in RDF4J Project Maintenance

Thursday, May 11, 2017


James Leigh

Ontotext AD, a leading provider of core semantic technology and text analysis solutions, has announced the appointment of James Leigh as a Consultant in RDF4J Project Maintenance, DMP and GraphDB.

James is a brilliant developer of RDF-based products such as Callimachus, Sesame AliBaba and many more open source projects – says Ontotext’s Head of Data Management and Products, Vassil Momtchev.

His new role will be to actively contribute to the RDF4J on behalf of Ontotext and to continuously develop its community. RDF4J is the de-facto standard API for RDF database access and it’s implemented by all big vendors such as Ontotext (GraphDB), Franz (AllegroGraph), Blazegraph (Blazegraph DB), Complexible (Stardog), Oracle (Oracle Spatial and Graph).

With the addition of James to our team, we hope that Ontotext will become even more active and visible in the semantic technology field. GraphDB is the best RDF/semantic database and we need to show it to the world.

Prior to joining Ontotext, James has been working as a software consultant, specializing in performance and technology integration with a background in semantic web technologies and decentralized networks. He has an extensive experience in complex semantic web projects, using innovative standards-based semantic technologies for over a decade.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext