Ontotext Announces Hiring of Jem Rayfield as Chief Solution Architect

Monday, March 20, 2017

Jem Rayfield

Ontotext AD, a leading provider of core semantic technology and text analysis solutions, has announced the appointment of Jem Rayfield as Chief Solution Architect.

Jem is a rarе combination between a linked data visionary and a snappy architect – says Ontotext’s Executive Director Atanas Kiryakov. – He was the first one to deliver a high-profile mission critical application implemented on top of a triplestore – BBC’s FIFA World Cup 2010 website.

Developing the vision of Dynamic Semantic Publishing, he was the one to prove it with a mission critical application. The FIFA World Cup project evolved into the BBC’s Olympics 2012 offering and the Linked Data Platform, which now serves more than 10 different projects at the BBC, powered by Ontotext’s GraphDB. Later on, many technology vendors and publishers have adopted this publishing approach and vision.

Jem has proven himself as one of the best architects of semantic technology solutions. And he knows how to build them with Ontotext’s technology. As a Chief Solution Architect, Jem will help us deliver more and more comprehensive analytics and publishing projects. l trust he will also help us a lot to develop our portfolio and shape our products and services!

I am very excited to have Jem on board!

Prior to working at Ontotext, Jem was Lead Technical Architect within the News and Knowledge Department at the BBC and Head of Solution Architecture at the Financial Times.

His virtual business card is available as structured JSON-LD markup, which can be serialized here if you want to see the raw triples.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext