Ontotext Judges the Final Round of Queryada

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Queryada 2015

This weekend was the final round of Queryada 2015 – the first Query Competition for students in Bulgaria. The event was aimed at bringing together students from different Bulgarian schools and universities to learn, share and compete in data extraction tasks.

The first two rounds of Queryada 2015 required good SQL knowledge, while for the final third round the competitors demonstrated excellence in using NoSQL databases by writing semantic queries to a graph database using SPARQL.

Ontotext is the partner who provided the knowledge package, datasets, example queries, infrastructure and the final tasks for the third and final round. Our colleague Boyan Kukushev represented Ontotext there as a judge on the SPARQL round.

The executive summary of Ontotext involvement in Queryada 2015 is that we have found one extremely talented student and one bug in the GraphDB ™ Workbench.

We did a cross-team collaboration for this event and the end result confirmed:

  • 15 isolated AWS instances running secured, read-only GraphDB loaded with a movies dataset http://linkedmdb.org/
  • Aggregated introductory materials for RDF/SPARQL
  • Live GraphDB with animals/plants dataset for the participants to try SPARQL for the first time before the event
  • 12 SPARQL problems which can be re-used for training purposes

The winner collected 140.5 points (about two times as much as the next one) and showed an excellent understanding of querying principals of both SQL and NoSQL databases. Congratulations to Velichki Valkov from Sofia University!

We at Ontotext are thankful to Varna Free University for organising this event and putting an emphasis on graph databases.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext