Ontotext Platform 3.7 Introduces a New Enriched Model

The new version of the Platform makes it easy to join data from multiple data sources with the power of SPARQL Federation

Sofia/Bulgaria Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ontotext is pleased to announce Ontotext Platform 3.7, which focuses on empowering software development teams to access their data. The Semantic Objects Service, the core of Ontotext Platform 3, received several new improvements to its Semantic Object Modeling language (SOML) and one of the major functionalities we have added is the ability to use SPARQL federation in your model.

Another improvement is the ability to add SPARQL code in the model files to augment the generated queries and how data is accessed. GraphQL query handling has also been improved so that polymorphic properties could be used to simplify the data model.

SPARQL Federated Objects

Ontotext Platform is all about allowing clients to easily access their data via an intuitive and easy to use GraphQL API. Up until now it was possible to access only a single RDF datasource unless using GraphQL Federation. But with the built-in support for SPARQL federation, the new release introduces support for a lightweight form of data federation. This enables users to define object types located in other SPARQL compatible repositories and to join them in a single GraphQL schema. In this way, users are able to query and mix the defederated and non federated objects in a single query.

SPARQL Templates

Another way of improving the Platform’s capabilities for data access is the addition of SPARQL templates. This feature allows advanced users to tailor the generated SPARQL queries in a way that was not possible before. Up until now, the only way to load a data fragment was via direct pattern matching. Now Ontotext Platform 3.7 allows using any valid SPARQL matching pattern to load particular data. This includes additional filtering, computing values, property path matching, full text or faceted search via one of the GraphDB connectors and more. On top of that, the model designer can define typed parameters that will appear in the GraphQL queries to allow different behavior based on the end user input.

SOML Model to GraphQL Client Information Transfer

The new Ontotext Platform release uses the latest 17.3 version of the graphql-java library with enabled support for directives in the introspection queries. This makes it possible to provide means for passing unfiltered information from the model to the client via a directive with a structure driven from the client’s needs and not restricted by the Platform.

Property Polymorphism

To ease the use of the GraphQL API, Ontotext Platform 3.7 introduces support for property polymorphism. This allows parent and child types to use different means of loading data fragments without affecting the end user of the API, which opens new possibilities and greatly simplifies the queries.

Get ready to take advantage of all new Ontotext Platform 3.7 features!

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For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext