Ontotext Platform Decouples Its Components Into Independent Services

The new version of the Platform introduces separate services with their own independent release processes as well as new features and improvements in these services

Sofia/Bulgaria Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Ontotext is pleased to announce the next release of Ontotext Platform, which focuses on decoupling its functionality into three separate independent and yet composable components:

  • Semantic Objects 3.8 – this service provides a highly efficient GraphQL to SPARQL translation based on the ontology schema with declarative support of a flexible security model. The service minimizes the backend development time of software clients that need to read, write and federate semantic knowledge facts.
  • Semantic Search 3.8 – the service delivers outstanding search performance by integrating Semantic Objects with Elasticsearch for building additional indexes to power an API. The service enables the delivery of an API with a strict SLA on the response time and complex faceted search capabilities.
  • Reference architecture for GraphQL ecosystem integration 3.8 – this is a reference architecture demonstrating how to deploy the Platform together with GraphDB, GraphQL federation over a robust open source monitoring and logging infrastructure.

After this release, each component will start its own independent release process according to the semantic versioning best practices and will explicitly list all supported versions and the newly available features.

On the functional side, Semantic Objects 3.8 brings an update to the Semantic Objects Modeling Language (SOML) with the introduction of Enumerated types. The Semantic Search now features new and improved Connector management. GraphQL query handling has also been improved so that polymorphic properties of SPARQL templates could be used to enhance the data model.

Enumerated Types

To ease the use of the GraphQL API, the new release introduces support for enumerated property types. This allows schema designers to define custom types with predefined opaque values but with clear to understand purpose to control the user experience.

Elasticsearch Connector Management

The GraphDB Connector management for Elasticsearch got an upgrade in the Semantic Search 3.8. The management API has been moved to the Semantic Search application and has received several improvements such as better failure recovery, asynchronous connector creation and changes detection, to name a few.

SPARQL Templates Property Polymorphism

Semantic Objects 3.8 improves the support for property polymorphism in properties with SPARQL templates with arguments. This allows parent and child types to use templates with arguments and still use the property polymorphism, introduced by the previous Semantic Objects version.

Get ready to take advantage of all new Ontotext Platform 3.8 features!

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For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext