Ontotext presenting at LDBC Technical User Community Meeting

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The 7th annual meeting is being held in New York, the first time it has been held outside of Europe

New York, Sofia, Bulgaria – November 10, 2015: Executives from Ontotext will be attending and presenting at the 7th Annual LDBC Technical User Community (TUC) meeting. CEO Atanas Kiryakov, CTO Marin Dimitrov and VP of US Business Operations Peio Popov will all be in attendance. Mr. Kiryakov will be presenting the status of the Semantic Publishing Benchmark, one of two benchmarks that have been developed within the Linked Data Business Council (LDBC). The presentation will cover the latest version as well as the audited results of the benchmark.

About the TUC
The LDBC consortium is holding its 7th Technical User Committee (TUC) meeting November 9 – 10, 2015 at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York just outside of New York City. This year’s conference marks the first time in its history that the TUC is meeting outside of Europe. The decision to hold the meeting in the US was made, in part, to help promote the LDBC and its standards to groups in North America. There has been growing interest in LDBC standards in North America with US-based companies IBM, Oracle, OpenLink and Neo Technologies being key members along with Ontotext and other European companies.

Semantic Publishing Benchmark
The Semantic Publishing Benchmark (SPB) is the most advanced benchmark ever developed for triplestores. It was developed by Ontotext and FORTH with support from OpenLink Software and is based on the data from BBC’s leading dynamic semantic publishing architecture and projects. Queries and datasets in the SPB simulate a media organisation managing a catalogue of metadata for its digital assets. They are representative of those actually used by BBC in its Linked Data Management projects which back the Sport section of the website and several other projects within BBC.

The benchmark was developed with the goal of covering all the important aspects of both performance and functionality including:

  • 100s of reads/second with 10s of update transactions/second
  • FTS and Geospatial
  • Reasoning
  • Geospatial data via DBPedia and Geonames

Organizations interested in the SPB can feel confident in using it as a standard without fear of technology lock-in. It is a vendor neutral benchmark which is demonstrated by Ontotext and OpenLink publishing comparable results despite very different technology approaches. Additionally, the entire SPB, its data and drivers are all open and extensively documented, making it easy to customize the data and queries in order to better match concrete application scenarios.

If organizations would like to experiment with the Semantic Publishing Benchmark, Ontotext is eager to provide support to developers. Contact us at www.ontotext.com/contact to request support.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext