Ontotext Sponsors AEJ’s Journalism (R)Evolution Conference

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ontotext is a sponsor of the upcoming conference Journalism (R)Evolution: Media Startups in Central and Eastern Europe as part of our commitment to support unbiased news and quality journalism. By bringing together journalists working in print, radio, television and online media, the conference organizer – the Association of European Journalists (AEJ)-Bulgaria – aims to advance the development of free and independent media in Bulgaria.

While the Internet and technology have greatly changed the way we produce and consume news, the need for fact-based reporting has never been greater. In a world where fake news spread at the speed of light, it is vital to continue developing technologies and tools to help journalists check the veracity of breaking news and storylines.

The ‘Journalism (R)Evolution’ conference will take place at Sofia Event Center at Paradise Mall on the 12th of November. Journalists and media entrepreneurs who have launched innovative media outlets in Central and Eastern Europe will share their experience on how to better navigate the fast-paced media world and how to create and foster innovation. They will also discuss the latest trends in media and whether quality journalism can be sustainable in our fast-and-fake-news world.

Ontotext has been developing tools to assist reporters, journalists and editors in checking the veracity of what they read and put it into context. Our work started in 2014 with the EU-funded project PHEME, which aimed to develop a computational framework for automatic discovery and verification of information at scale and fast. Aptly named after the goddess of rumors and fame in Greek mythology, Pheme, the project wanted to create a smart way for alerting users to rumors and misinformation.

See what Ontotext’s CEO Atanas Kiryakov has to say about fake news, media content filtering, fact-checking and data analysis and contact us to learn more about how Semantic Technology can improve your media content.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext