Ontotext Announces Appointment of Vassil Momtchev as CTO

Friday, August 4, 2017

Vasil Momchev

Ontotext is happy to announce the appointment of Vassil Momtchev as Chief Technology Officer. In his new position, Vassil will map all R&D plans to the long term vision of the company, prioritize them with respect to the business objectives and coordinate them with the different product owners. He will also supervise important architectural solution, organize the DevOps processes and methodology, and develop and maintain the company’s Reference Architecture.

Since joining Ontotext, Vassil has managed multiple teams, coordinated several EU funded research projects and has a few years as a board member behind his back.

I am very happy that Vassil took the challenge and I believe that with him as a CTO, Ontotext will deliver even more exciting technology in more efficient and reliable manner – says Ontotext’s Executive Director Atanas Kiryakov. – Over the last 12 years with Ontotext, Vassil has demonstrated tons of energy and learning capabilities. He developed the skills to balance innovation passion with customer needs and release cycles.

He has been involved in most of the areas where we are active in, which makes him a top-level expert in a range of semantic technologies from semantic ETL and entity resolution, through graph databases and reasoning to advanced text analytics in the healthcare domain.

This makes Vassil a perfect fit for a CTO who will steer the R&D agenda of Ontotext.

Vassil managed one of the first enterprise solutions that Ontotext delivered – the iSIM system for clinical trial reports analysis for AstraZeneca. Next, he took over GraphDB support, which gave him great understanding of the real problems of clients across different profiles – from PhD students playing with reasoning to DBAs maintaining a mission critical cluster setups.

Recently, he managed GraphDB development and he will continue to do so together with his new responsibilities to improve Ontotext’s R&D efforts and make them more efficient, productive and innovative.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext