Ontotext Wins Six New Research Projects in Horizon Europe

Ontotext secures additional funding of €2,5M for research and innovation for the next 4 years

New York, Sofia, Basel Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Sirma AI (trading as Ontotext) continues its longstanding dedication to innovation through participation in 6 new projects funded by EU’s latest programme for research and innovation – Horizon Europe (2021-2027). The programme aims to boost the EU’s competitiveness and growth while supporting the creation and advancement of excellent knowledge and technologies.

The total amount of the EU financing for Ontotext in these projects is close to €2,5M. It will enable the company to further develop its AI technology in the domain of Healthcare, to continue contributing to the global fight against disinformation and, last but not least, to apply its knowledge graph building expertise in new directions like Industry (manufacturing and energy).

Some of the main challenges in Healthcare are the huge volumes of diverse data from distributed sources and how to derive meaningful insights out of this data. Ontotext’s previous work in research projects for Healthcare has focused on the development of state-of-the-art technologies for combining heterogeneous data from various sources for improved knowledge discovery (Khresmoi, KConnect), as well as on beyond state-of-the-art automatic classification for medical coding on clinical narratives (Examode, AI4EU-CODE).

Now, Ontotext will continue its research and further develop the knowledge graph powered AI solutions in the scope of 2 new projects in Healthcare. The first of these projects to start will focus on making personal health data interoperable across institutions by prototyping and testing an AI-powered, virtual assistant maximizing automation of data curation and publishing of unstructured and structured, heterogeneous data. The second one will work to improve stroke care quality by automating the collection and analysis of hospital discharge reports in multiple languages through a combination of natural language processing and a clinically-validated semantic model.

Ontotext has long been involved in the fight against disinformation, on the one hand through a succession of research projects (Pheme and WeVerify), and on the other – providing the technology needed by media professionals in their fight for factual truth. In 2022 two new Horizon Europe projects with Ontotext participation start. One of them addresses the needs of debunking professionals for trustworthy AI solutions that will help with dealing with advanced disinformation techniques and will also set the foundation for future research in the area of AI against disinformation. The other will apply data collection and AI-based web content analysis methods to support police authorities in investigations of disinformation-related crime.

Last but not least, two more projects building on Ontotext’s 20+ years of creating knowledge graphs have also won funding. The first one started already in September. It poised to digitalize permitting and compliance processes using Building Information Management data to improve the productivity and quality of design and construction processes, support the design of climate-neutral buildings and advance a sustainable built environment in line with the EU Green Deal and the European Bauhaus initiative. The second project is in the area of data management and strives to build rich, high-quality and valuable datasets to feed Big Data Analytics and AI applications and innovative data mining tools.

All new projects will start in the fall of 2022 so stay in touch as more detailed information about each project will be  published in the next weeks!

All mentioned projects have been funded by the European Union.



For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext