Ontotext Wins Two New EU-Funded Big Data and Social Media Projects

Thursday, September 7, 2017

horizon 2020 eu commission logo

Ontotext will be taking part in two projects on big data and social media convergence that have just passed EU vetting and would be funded under the Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

One of the projects in which Ontotext will play a key part is BigDataGrapes, aimed to support European wine makers and natural cosmetics manufacturers, the two main industries powered by grapevines. The project is geared to help these companies seize the opportunities that big data creates.

BigDataGrapes has set two goals: one is to develop and demonstrate powerful, rigorously tested, cross-sector data processing technologies in order to increase company efficiency when taking business decisions. The other goal is to create a large-scale, multifaceted marketplace for grapevine-related data assets.

Ontotext will have a crucial role in the BigDataGrapes project, leading the Data & Semantic Layer Work Package (WP3) and taking the responsibility for the development of the Semantic Modelling and Semantic Enrichment of the BigDataGrapes components. The core activities of the Semantic Enrichment task will be to design and develop advanced text analytics pipelines aiming to extract and semantically annotate information from unstructured data included in the BigDataGrapes data pool.

The extracted conceptual entities will refer instances from the conceptual BigDataGrapes model and thus will further extend the knowledge graph both with new facts and new provenance sources. Ontotext’s semantic graph database Graph DB™ will be used as the triple store in the BigDataGrapes project.

In addition to leading the Semantic Layer activities, Ontotext will play an important role in two other Work Packages: it will deliver the components for Distributed Semantic Inference for the Analytics and Processing Layer (WP4) and will contribute to the integration and operation of the BigDataGrapes platform for the Integration & Deployment (WP6). The company will also support the activities of the Grapevine-powered Industry Big Data Challenges and Cross-sector Rigorous Experimental Testing Work Packages.

The other new EU-funded project in which Ontotext will participate is Project COMPACT, intended to raise awareness of the latest technological discoveries among key stakeholders in the context of social media and convergence. The aim of the project is to collect, compare and analyze information about various strategies and roadmaps from a technological and social perspective.

Ontotext’s key role in COMPACT will be contributing to the Research Agendas and Roadmaps and to the Management and Dissemination Work Packages.

Thanks to its significant experience in semantic technology and social media analysis, Ontotext will play an important role in defining research agendas for semantic enrichment of media, semantic search, social network analysis, especially veracity and integration of social & mass media. Ontotext will also help with the development and refining of analytical categories and software tools for analysis, as well as with the formulation of a policy and regulatory development in convergence.

In addition, Ontotext will provide support in establishing an Online Convergence Centre (OCC) planned to be created as a follow-up. Ontotext will help with the semantic data underpinning the OCC solution. OCC is planned to be a virtual centre for training and analysis of the convergence of content in the process of its transferring from traditional to new media, from print to radio, TV, websites and social networks while implementing hybrid technologies.

Both BigDataGrapes and COMPACT are expected to start in the beginning of 2018.


For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext