Ontotext’s GraphDB 8.10 Makes Knowledge Graph Experience Faster and Richer

Sofia Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ontotext has just released the latest backward compatible update, 8.10, of its signature semantic graph database GraphDB, making the knowledge graph experience quicker, easier and more productive.

GraphDB 8.10 now features an open-source GraphDB JavaScript access driver optimized for Node.js and published as a public NPM package. The access driver gives the developers easier access when working in a Node.js environment, by implementing all types needed to consume and store to a remote GraphDB instance. The driver is fully compatible also with RDF4J API.

Another new feature in GraphDB 8.10 enables developers to push server-side JavaScript functions and use them as custom SPARQL functions. The JavaScript function plugin will register and evaluate functions runtime without changing the GraphDB classpath. It helps developers custom software logic closer to the data for maximum efficiency.

In GraphDB 8.10, Ontotext has also improved and optimized the semantic graph database’s performance with plugin and connector parallelization. This parallelization increases the performance of connectors and plugins during creation, rebuilding and updating when the engine detects free CPU cores. The plugin manager spans multiple threads and notifies the plugins in parallel at the end of each transaction, instead of serially. The connector parallelization also increases performance during the initial indexing and in incremental indexing when users add or remove data to the repository.

The latest version of GraphDB also enhances semantic similarity searches by introducing Locality-Sensitive Hashing algorithms for similarity indexes. These algorithms improve the quality of topic suggestions by evaluating the GraphDB semantic vectors.

Get your GraphDB now and start developing your own knowledge graph for advanced search and analytics.


For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext