Ontotext’s Target Discovery Makes Identifying Novel Therapeutic Targets Faster, Easier & More Reliable

Ontotext’s new product enables pharma and biotech companies gain 10x more efficient insight discovery, 4x faster information retrieval as well as advanced visual and data analytics, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars

New York, Sofia, Basel Monday, May 15, 2023

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Target Discovery, an AI- powered platform that speeds the process of discovering new safe & efficient drug candidates. Target Discovery combines knowledge from public and proprietary data, AI-derived data from scientific publications, patents and clinical trials. It also features powerful analytics for target identification and selection, while empowering medical or scientific experts without technical skills to leverage.

Developing new treatments requires a complex understanding of disease mechanisms and the ability to identify the relationships between molecular and genetic factors in the context of a specific disease – said Todor Primov, Head of Life Sciences Product and Solutions at Ontotext. – This knowledge, however, is scattered across multiple disparate sources representing different modalities. Therefore, building a holistic view for a specific disease context is a challenge. We believe that knowledge graph technology significantly lowers the cost and shortens the time for semantic data integration. It also brings in a completely new level of more profound insights on top of highly connected data and provides highly normalized quality data for supporting AI analysis

Benefits of Target Discovery include:

  • AI-derived insights from scientific literature, patents and clinical trials: 

Target Discovery stays up-to-date with the newest discoveries by automatically extracting knowledge from more than 80 million documents, including patents and clinical trials. It’s easy to discover new insights, analyze data visually or with powerful algorithms and leverage a vast network of knowledge for improved decision-making. 

  • Data exploration that is easy to use and requires no technical expertise

Discovering the next breakthrough drug candidate can be a daunting task, involving sifting through vast amounts of biomedical information scattered across different databases and research publications. Target Discovery combines all required data, whether public or proprietary, AI-derived or structured, in one place and makes it easily discoverable and analytics-ready. All information is updated regularly and features a selection of the most useful, newest industry leading publishers such as AlphaFold, Open Targets, EMBL.

  • Advanced powerful and customizable analytics for target selection: 

One can quickly gain an overview of a disease or target with customizable visual analytics and dashboards over any type of data and source. These are fully configurable and easy to use by expert users.

  • Impactful innovation through novel hypothesis generation and evaluation:

Hidden relationships can be easily uncovered in a network of over 5 billion facts with advanced graph algorithms. One can build new, sound biological hypotheses with high confidence in minutes.

  • Transparent insight provenance and evidence:

Improving confidence in critical decision-making processes by gaining more transparency over the information and analytics. With Target Discovery, fact traceability is better and evidence is presented on different levels, so that users trust their data, and not rely on potentially faulty ‘gut’ decisions.

Do you want to make identifying novel therapeutic targets faster, easier & more reliable?

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For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext