Perfect Memory and Ontotext Enter a Strategic Partnership to Advance Knowledge Management

After working together for many years, Perfect Memory and Ontotext formalize a new step in their collaboration, which will accelerate the industrialization of semantic uses in knowledge management applied to many use cases.

Sofia/Bulgaria Tuesday, June 22, 2021

For nearly 10 years, our R&D teams have been paying particular attention to knowledge graph storage tools, while regularly reviewing the state-of-the-art technologies on the market. Embedded within our Raffiné™ platform, Ontotext’s GraphDB has always stood out from the crowd. Today it constitutes the memory layer of our platform, shares Steny Solitude, President and founder of Perfect Memory.

Ontotext is the world leader in enterprise knowledge graph technology and semantic database engines. By crafting big knowledge graphs, the company enables unified data access and cognitive analytics to link diverse data, enrich it via text analysis and index it in their flagship RDF database GraphDB for semantic search.

Perfect Memory publishes a semantic platform that makes all data and content accessible in a simple and intuitive way. By uniting the best of Artificial Intelligence (semantics and heuristics), data is interconnected, enriched, contextualized and interpreted in a manner close to the way the human brain works. This “As-a-Brain” technology has applications in many fields including Digital Asset Management (DAM), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) monitoring in the supply chain and the fight against corruption.

It’s exciting to see a partnership that started back in 2013 advancing to the next level! Perfect Memory has proven that the DAMs used by the biggest media can get smarter and more efficient with semantic technology and GraphDB, comments Atanas Kiryakov, CEO of Ontotext.

WIth the current information flow, it has become a real challenge for companies to provide quick and easy access to data as well as relevant search results for their end-users to do their tasks efficiently and unaided. The new partnership aims to address this challenge. It will also enable each partner to benefit from the other’s contribution, both technically and in terms of business.

We are very happy with this alliance. It will allow us, on a technological level, to accelerate the industrialization of semantic platforms. The latest developments in this field (most notably RDF-star, which allows the annotation of semantic triples) have made it possible to meet certain challenges inherent to the meta-aspect of semantic databases, which today gives our platform a significant lead in business verticals where the cross-referencing of data from various sources and the constant evolution of models are a necessity. This partnership guarantees our ability to continuously and efficiently address the evolving needs of our end-customers regarding the use of their ‘knowledge graph’, said Aymeric Brisse, CTO at Perfect Memory.

As Perfect Memory continues to grow, it is only logical that we take our collaboration to the next level. For Ontotext, this is an opportunity to promote our offer to new industries and, in particular, to the media sector, where Perfect Memory has some very good references, added Ivan Antrov, Partner Account Manager at Ontotext

In a highly connected world, where everyone must constantly reinvent themselves, it is no longer possible to simply store data. Organizations of all kinds are looking for data governance solutions that ensure data collection, analytics and transformation into knowledge that can be used directly by their operational teams and by their ecosystem.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext