Ontotext Finishes Work on proDataMarket Project To Unlock Property Data Potential

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Ontotext is proud to announce that it has completed the work on the proDataMarket project that enables consumers to find property data and at the same time helps providers of such data reach out to these consumers.

The EU-funded proDataMarket project – which started on March 1st, 2015 and finished on August 31st, 2017 – targeted to create a marketplace for connecting providers of open and proprietary real-estate and related contextual data with consumers of such data. Project participants worked to create a technical framework for the publishing and consumption of property-related data, developing at the same time novel data-driven business products and services by using Data-as-a-Service, Linked Data and Open Data technologies.

As a leading semantic technology developer and a technical partner, Ontotext played a prominent role in the proDataMarket project by delivering a semantic data hosting portal entirely based on the Ontotext Cognitive Cloud, and GraphDB Cloud in particular. The other two main partners in the technology work on the project were Italy’s SpazioDati and Norway’s SINTEF.

Ontotext’s main contribution was on the producer portal of the marketplace where data producers can publish and host their data. Ontotext’s GraphDB Cloud part of the Ontotext Cognitive Cloud platform served as a semantic graph database-as-a-service.

The GraphDB Cloud-enabled Semantic Data Hosting Portal provides data producers with user profile management, a triple store, user-storage quota management and payment for storage.

The GraphDB Cloud instance for the proDataMarket project features elastic resource provisioning, reliable storage, backup, geospatial querying and failover mechanisms.

Ontotext also helped the other project participants transform their data in order to address various business cases by using the platform. The proDataMarket project featured 7 business cases – two each by Cerved, Statsbygg and Evry, and one from Tragsa. Ontotext helped project participants integrate multi-sector Open Data with proprietary datasets, or integrate and publish Open and Linked property-related Data in order to create business-ready data solutions that increase efficient data use, data harmonization and distribution.

The expert review of proDataMarket concluded that the “project has fully achieved its objectives and milestones for the period.” Reviewers commented that the consortium working on proDataMarket succeeded in showcasing innovations in both R&D and business applications.

“The different use cases shown are innovative in that they are end-to-end data initiatives (i.e., they start from the data and end with an actual product, which could be used by a customer),” the review report reads.






For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext