Rappler Uses GraphDB In Their Fight For Factual Truth And Freedom Of Expression

Ontotext supports Philippine independent digital media in doing uncompromising journalism, enabled by technology and enriched by communities of action

New York, Sofia, Bazel Thursday, July 14, 2022

We are happy to announce that Rappler has become yet another Ontotext customer in the Media and Publishing sector. The Philippine leading digital media company, founded by Maria Ressa, is using GraphDB for publishing data to ensure a transparent and informed election process. Maria and Rappler’s efforts were also recognized by the Nobel Committee, winning them a Peace Prize for promoting democracy by exercising freedom of expression.

One thing that we realized from our research on disinformation and the information ecosystem is the need for contextualizing and linking different pieces of information and stories in order to surface meaning and nuance. Ontotext is helping us achieve this by making it easier for us to build our own Knowledge Graph that precisely aims to do this.

We have already used this for deploying our election executions where we linked stories we produced in the past with other data sets in order to create highly engaging profiles of candidates. Taking off from the election coverage, we are excited to use this to programmatically track the performance of the new administration, to surface relationships between disinformation narratives and actors, and other key projects of Rappler – says Gemma Bagayaua-Mendoza, Head of Digital Strategy at Rappler Inc. 

Ontotext is honored to support Maria and Rappler team’s mission to reveal corruption by government and elected officials, investigate fake news and use of bots & trolls favoring the administration and document the Philippine drug war.

It is immensely rewarding to see Ontotext technologies used for a good cause and in such capable hands. Rappler has gathered a phenomenal team and I am sure that GraphDB will empower them even more to speak truth to power – comments Peio Popov, VP Business Operations USA.

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