Ontotext has commenced the final countdown of GraphDB 8 release with a substantial speed improvement in GraphDB 7.2

Friday, November 4, 2016

Ontotext announces its plans to release the next major version of its semantic graph database GraphDB at ODI Summit 2016.

GraphDB 8 will create new opportunities for transforming tabular data (tsv, csv, .xls, xml, json, etc.) into RDF and publishing it as Linked Data, a thus leveraging its benefits. As a result, varied data sets can be easily used to create new Linked Data applications, and to be published as Linked Open Data.

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The final countdown started with announcing substantial speed improvements of the already available to users GraphDB 7.2 – the last release of the GraphDB 7 family before the new version 8. The engine delivers 15-25% higher query throughput than the previous versions on the benchmark results due to the smarter cache usage.

GraphDB 7.2 features a number of other improvements including updated user interface – Workbench – and many bug fixes in its LoadRDF tool. The parallel mode of LoadRDF increases the initial loading speed twice, as evaluated during the extensive tests with a large number of datasets and configurations. Improvement in GraphDB global cache results also in more flexible memory configuration.

The news came out at the ODI Summit – one of Europe’s leading events for Open and Linked Data, which took place on November 1, 2016 in London. It is organized by Open Data Institute in the UK, and Ontotext has been its member since its inception.

The ODI summit is an important event for innovation and excellence in open data across the world. It gathered more than 500 professionals to discuss key topics such as Linked Data principles, best practices for building Linked Data infrastructures, as well as publishing, re-usage and data analyses. Presenters’ list included industry visionaries like Sir Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the web), Sir Nigel Shadbolt, and Baroness Martha Lane Fox.

Leaders from various industries presented the real benefits of using Linked Data. Mr. Michele Pasin from Springer Nature – one of the leading scientific publishers in the world, which uses GraphDB, told the audience how Linked Data creates competitive advantage for the publisher.

Seamless integration of scientific content management and the metadata derived from it facilitates the reader when searches relevant publications in the ocean of scientific literature.

He also spoke about the development of such type of platforms and shared valuable insights into how to build cognitive models and data architectures, what the real value of putting the available data at the scientific community’s disposal is, and how it facilitates their research.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext