The Hype Around Graph Databases And Why It Matters

Monday, April 6, 2015

This article by Ontotext USA Managing Director Tony Agresta is featured on Forbes CIO Network.

Organizations are struggling with a fundamental challenge – there’s far more data than they can handle.  Sure, there’s a shared vision to analyze structured and unstructured data in support of better decision making but is this a reality for most companies?  The big data tidal wave is transforming the database management industry, employee skill sets, and business strategy as organizations race to unlock meaningful connections between disparate sources of data.

Graph Databases are rapidly gaining traction in the market as an effective method for deciphering meaning but many people outside the space are unsure of what exactly this entails. Generally speaking, graph databases store data in a graph structure where entities are connected through relationships to adjacent elements. The Web is a graph; also your friend-of-a-friend network and the road network are graphs.

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