Success Stories: Applications and Benefits of Knowledge Graphs in Financial Services

Read this abbreviated version of a presentation from the Ontotext’s KGF22 titled “Success Stories: Applications and Benefits of Knowledge Graphs in Financial Services”

Business July 7, 2023 10 mins. read Peio Popov

The Power of Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs: Practical Examples from the Financial Industry

Read about the key benefits of using ontology-powered knowledge graphs, illustrated by examples and case studies from the Financial Services Industry

Business May 5, 2023 9 mins. read Peio Popov

FIBO in Context

Read the next post in our FIBO series demonstrating a technique employing GraphDB’s similarity indexes, which helps demonstrate the alignment of FIBO with other vocabularies in specific business contexts.

Technology January 22, 2021 12 mins. read Kevin Tyson

Declarative Knowledge Graph APIs

Stop wasting time, manually building data access code. Let the Ontotext platform auto-generate a fast, flexible, and scalable GraphQL API over your RDF knowledge graph.

Technology December 9, 2020 13 mins. read Jem Rayfield

Exploring FIBO Using the Inference and Property Path Features of GraphDB

Read about how to explore the utility provided by property paths and reasoning for exploring and understanding the FIBO, loaded in GraphDB’s Workbench.

Technology October 15, 2020 14 mins. read Kevin Tyson