Exploring FIBO Using the Inference and Property Path Features of GraphDB

Read about how to explore the utility provided by property paths and reasoning for exploring and understanding the FIBO, loaded in GraphDB’s Workbench.

Technology October 15, 2020 14 mins. read Kevin Tyson

Ontotext’s Graph Database Helps Create EU-Wide Company Business Graph

euBG Logo

Read about the EU-funded project euBusinessGraph aiming to compile, integrate and analyze business data from various public and private sources.

Business January 23, 2020 4 mins. read Milen Yankulov

A Graphful of Investment Opportunities

Read about the story of an algorithm that mines data to narrow down opportunities for investing.

Business January 10, 2020 7 mins. read Teodora Petkova

Linked Data Solutions for Empowering Analytics in Fintech

Read about how FinTech can use the power of Linked Data to put data into context and expose various links between these concepts.

Informational November 24, 2017 7 mins. read Milena Yankova

Semantic Technology: The Future of Independent Investment Research

Learn how independent research firms use cutting-edge technologies to add value to research pieces and monetize the content they offer.

Business March 24, 2017 5 mins. read Milena Yankova