Deploying Ontotext GraphDB on Azure

Read this post providing a guide for deploying an Ontotext GraphDB high-availability cluster in your own Azure account

Technology July 19, 2024 8 mins. read Ivo Rusev

Combining the Flexibility of Knowledge Graphs with the Power of Semantic Tagging: The Enterprise PowerPack

Learn from Martin Trajkov, Biz Dev and Partner Sales Engineer at Semantic Web Company about Enterprise PowerPack

Business July 12, 2024 9 mins. read Martin Trajkov

The PPR Modeling Paradigm: Enhancing Automation with Semantic Description Models

This blog post delves into the PPR (Product, Process, Resources) modeling paradigm, highlighting its ontology models significance and application in robot-based automation.

BusinessGuest Posts June 27, 2024 7 mins. read Alexander Perzylo

Riding the Databricks Wave with Hybrid Knowledge Graphs

Learn from Peter Hopfgartner, CEO at Ontopic, about hybrid knowledge graphs

Business June 6, 2024 7 mins. read Peter Hopfgartner

Matching Skills and Candidates with Graph RAG

How Semantic Partners used Ontotext GraphDB and large language models to improve CV selection

Business May 31, 2024 8 mins. read Matteo Casu