Three’s Company Too: Metadata, Data and Text Analysis

Read about how metadata grew more expressive as user needs grew more complex and how text analysis made it possible to get metadata from our information and data.

Informational August 20, 2020 6 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

It Takes Two to Tango: Knowledge Graphs and Text Analysis

Read about how Ontotext couples text analysis and knowledge graphs to better solve today’s content challenges.

Technology November 5, 2019 5 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

Semantic Technology-based Media Publishing Boosts User Engagement

Read about how the more media publishers know about how users consume their content, the more relevant their content and ad recommendations will be.

Business September 26, 2019 4 mins. read Milen Yankulov

Semantic Search or Knowing Your Customers So Well, You Can Finish Their Sentences For Them

Read about the benefits of semantic search and how it can determine the intent, concepts, meaning and context of the words for a search.

Informational September 10, 2019 6 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

Smart Negative News Monitoring Makes Banks’ KYC Process More Efficient

Read about how knowledge graph-based negative news monitoring, as part of a smart KYC process, provides a fully automated workflow for financial institutions and helps them comply with existing regulations and avoid reputational risk.

Business June 20, 2019 4 mins. read Milen Yankulov