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The trial period for Ontotext Target Discovery provides 14 days of access to a demonstration instance. Upon registration with your contact information, you’ll receive instructions on accessing our SaaS service. Additionally, you’ll be scheduled for an onboarding session with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure you feel comfortable using the system.

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POC Explained

In addition to the Free Trial, we would like to offer you a free proof of concept project (PoC). During this PoC we would integrate a sample of your proprietary data into the platform to address specific scientific use cases and competency questions. The exact terms and duration of the PoC project can be finalized once we have a comprehensive understanding of the scope and expected deliverables.

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is a small-scale experiment designed to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of a product or solution. Its purpose is to assess the functionality of the product, gather feedback, and provide insights for making informed decisions about further investment or deployment. The Pilot program enables data integration and includes weekly catch-up calls.

About Ontotext’s Target Discovery

Ontotext’s Target Discovery combines all the knowledge about biomedical entities, such as genes, proteins and compounds, into a centralized Knowledge Graph. The system democratizes data access to AI in biomedical engineering through powerful search tools, presents it in a user-friendly manner, and provides transparent analytics to aid data-driven decision-making.

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