Start with GraphDB Using FIBO

  • OBJECTIVE: “GraphDB with FIBO” is an accelerator for the development of your projects
  • FORMAT: One hour one-on-one training and demonstration session
  • AGENDA: Introduction to FIBO and GraphDB examples to import, index and consume data
  • OUTCOME:  Familiarity with GraphDB and knowledge of how to overcome common challenges

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GraphDB with FIBO

“GraphDB with FIBO” is a personal training demonstrating how to use The Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) with GraphDB. It is an accelerator for the development of your use-case(s) using GraphDB.

In a condensed 60 or 90 minutes format, “GraphDB with FIBO” helps you gain familiarity with key concepts and capabilities to overcome common challenges related to modelling and using your data.

Currently, it is offered free of charge. However, we have limited availability due to the one-on-one nature of the sessions and because we try to consider your requirements for the intended use. 

Let us know what you are working on and when it would be a good time for a “GraphDB with FIBO” session. If you have any questions, please, email Peio Popov. Or just fill in the form above.

What You’ll Learn

Typical challenges when starting with GraphDB include creating a model of your data, importing your data while mapping it to your model, indexing your data, exploratory queries and basic visualizations.

As a result of the “GraphDB with FIBO” training session, you will be able to perform common tasks and will learn how to apply this knowledge to your specific use case.


  • Load FIBO into GraphDB
    • Select FIBO download
    • Create repo and load FIBO into GraphDB
  • Create indices
    • Autocomplete index
    • Semantic Similarity index
      • Text index
      • Predication index
    • Lucene index
  • Explore the data
    • Visually
      • Visual graph
      • Class relationships
    • Using SPARQL
      • Example queries
  • Mapping your data to FIBO – map a custom dataset to FIBO to use it in practice
  • Discussion how this might be of assistance to your use-cases

Training Instructor

Peio Popov,

VP Business Operations USA, Sales Director Financial Service

Peio Popov joined Ontotext after years of successful work at IBM and SEP Bulgaria. He is a legal counsel with strong IT background, specializing in business development, intellectual property, and technology-related contract negotiations. Plus, he is one of the most influential people on Bulgarian social media, so mind your language on Twitter. Soon after coming on board as a Contracts and Negotiations Manager advising on commercial, technology and IP contracts, Peio took over business development in North America. Combining his outstanding organizational skills with his acute business flair, he seamlessly finds the best solutions for our customers.