Increase Data Interoperability: Ontotext LinkedLifeData Inventory

linkedlifedata webinar

Join this webinar to learn how life science, healthcare and biomedical organizations can accelerate discovering business insights and drive faster critical decision making.

September 8, 2023 2 mins. read Sam IsdaleTodor PrimovTodor PrimovIlian UzunovIlian Uzunov

Operation Drug Discovery: Fast & Reliable Therapeutic Target Selection

drug discovery webinar

This webinar will explore how Ontotext’s Target Discovery solution works for drug discovery. Register Now!

June 13, 2023 2 mins. read Sam IsdaleMartina MarkovaMartina MarkovaMike WisniewskiMike Wisniewski


AIDAVA aims at unlocking the full potential wealth of knowledge siloed inside healthcare systems by enabling interoperability, AI-readiness and reuse-readiness of heterogeneous personal health data (PHD) on institutional, national and EU scale.

September 1, 2022 3 mins. read Gergana Petkova

Unleashing the potential of digital pathology data by training computer-aided diagnosis models without human annotations

Niccolò Marini, Stefano Marchesin, Sebastian Otálora, Marek Wodzinski, Alessandro Caputo, Mart van Rijthoven, Witali Aswolinskiy, John-Melle Bokhorst, Damian Podareanu, Edyta Petters, Svetla Boytcheva, Genziana Buttafuoco, Simona Vatrano, Filippo Fraggetta, Jeroen van der Laak, Maristella Agosti, Francesco Ciompi, Gianmaria Silvello, Henning […]

July 22, 2022 1 min. read Gergana Petkova

AI-Powered Target Discovery

[Webinar] Identify New Drug Targets And Promising Drug Repurposing Candidates Quickly And Easily

May 27, 2022 2 mins. read Yasen StoykovMartina MarkovaMartina MarkovaIlian UzunovIlian Uzunov