Knowledge Graph Maps: 20+ Application and 30+ Capabilities

This webinar presents a map of the Knowledge Graph Applications and a second map of the Capabilities needed to implement them.

May 17, 2021 3 mins. read Yasen StoykovAtanas KiryakovAtanas Kiryakov

Knowledge Management Becomes Business Critical as Knowledge Graphs Improve Decision Making and Efficiency

Atanas Kiryakov will present a mindmap of KG applications and explain how Ontotext Platform supports the different stakeholders. Joe Hilger from Enterprise Knowledge, LLC will present a palette of use cases across Enterprise Architectures, Natural Language Search, Recommendation systems, Data Portals and Catalogues.

January 12, 2021 3 mins. read Yasen StoykovAtanas KiryakovAtanas KiryakovJoseph HilgerJoseph Hilger

Knowledge Graphs for Enterprise Data Management

Jarred McGinnis and Atanas Kiryakov will provide introduction to knowledge graphs and will present application patterns and use cases in media, financial services, pharma and government. They will also present 10-step methodology to develop enterprise knowledge graphs and make an overview of the Ontotext Platform.

October 23, 2020 2 mins. read Yasen StoykovJarred McGinnisJarred McGinnisAtanas KiryakovAtanas Kiryakov

Reasoning with Big Knowledge Graphs: Choices, Pitfalls and Proven Recipes

Learn how to use reasoning to enrich big knowledge graphs with new relationships. We introduce inference and RDFS and OWL standards for semantic schemata. Reasoning with GraphDB is demonstrated on a graph of 2 billion facts. We discuss typical pitfalls: over-engineered ontologies and inappropriate data architectures.

July 16, 2020 3 mins. read Yasen StoykovAtanas KiryakovAtanas Kiryakov

GraphQL Federation and Knowledge Graphs

Join the webinar to understand GraphQL federation and its ability to scale RDF based Knowledge Graph projects. Discussion topics will include topics like, What is GraphQL?; Bridging GraphQL and RDF; Bounded context architectures and improving team velocity; GraphQL federation.

June 8, 2020 1 min. read Yasen StoykovJem RayfieldJem Rayfield