A Multinational Auditing Company Significantly Improves The Discoverability of Its Digital Resources

Ontotext helped the auditor optimize service delivery by re-applying valuable digital resources created in the enterprise

  • Enhanced discoverability of resources drove improved use of information
  • Streamlined company processes and accelerated service delivery
  • Optimized margins and reduced data management costs
  • Ensured compliance and security while also minimizing errors

The Goal

A prominent multinational auditing company wanted to improve knowledge sharing and digital resources reuse by increasing the discoverability of pre-existing assets while ensuring compliance and security. To achieve that, they need a more cohesive approach to their content management, fostering efficiency and scalability.

The Challenge

The range of services the auditor provided (covering audit, tax, transactions, compliance, and more) posed a number of operational challenges. The complexity of these services required extensive modeling and calculations, involving the use of various platforms such as Excel, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and other ERP and CRM systems. The calculations included code snippets, integrations, and validations, often encapsulating legal requirements in machine-executable code. 

This diversity of platforms and processes led to dispersed digital assets and resources, error-prone work, and inefficient data management. It also involved a high level of complexity in locating, sharing, and reusing digital resources.

The Solution: A Knowledge Graph for Digital Resources Search

The auditor chose Ontotext’s knowledge graph based solution to improve the discoverability, organization, and consumption of their digital resources:

  • Increased discoverability: by enabling multiple advanced search paradigms (facet, semantic, concept, hybrid, vector, and more), creating rich navigation options, and providing smarter recommendations on similar topics
  • Enhanced organization: by better content classification (according to a company or industry taxonomy), agile packaging (offering bundles for a channel, a persona, or an objective), filtering to narrow down the proposed results, and topical pages (serving content by subject, persona, or objective)
  • Efficient consumption: by learning objectives, modules, and paths, non-linear content exploration and consumption, human and machine interfaces, and taking into account role and document contexts
  • Guaranteed compliance and security: by providing role-based access control and attribute-based security 

The solution also featured delivering results at sub-second speed as well as providing auto-suggestions and relevance ranking. 

Business Benefits

  • Minimized human errors
  • Improved user experience
  • Savings on data management costs
  • Accelerated service delivery efficiencies 
  • Optimized service margins 
  • Increased competitive advantage 

Why Choose Ontotext

With the new Knowledge Graph for Digital Resources Search developed by Ontotext, the auditor was able to improve the discoverability of their digital resources and foster knowledge sharing and reuse. As a result, they were able to establish a competitive edge in the market and secure a larger share of business opportunities.

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