Industry Use Cases with Knowledge Graphs

Nikolay Krustev and Doug Kimball discuss various use cases related to Industry and Supply Chain that use knowledge graphs to tackle their data and knowledge challenges

Knowledge graphs can bring great value to organizations in various Industry sectors and Supply Chain. Dive into this discussion between Nikolay Krustev, Sales Director Manufacturing and Public Sector, and Doug Kimball  CMO, where they talk about their impact in connecting and modeling industry systems & processes for deeper data-driven insights.


  • Providing a 360-degree view of the supply chain, which helps companies identify risks and delays in components and vendors.
  • Helping monitor events and alert decision-makers to plan and mitigate potential damages.
  • Aiding manufacturers in ensuring compliance with regulations and standards in different jurisdictions.
  • Creating predictive maintenance that can help in scheduling and reducing expenses.
  • Provide predictive analytics that optimizes maintenance procedures by indicating the optimal time frames for specific types of maintenance and understanding the supply chain behind them.
  • Supporting the needs of manufacturers for automation that powers smart cities and smart factories.
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration among different industries, bridging the gaps between manufacturing, smart cities, and smart grids, while also addressing sustainability and environmental support.


Do you think your use case can benefit from a knowledge graph solution? 

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