A Leading European Manufacturer Boosts the Discoverability of Its Products

A product library powered by Ontotext’s semantic knowledge graph serves as a central hub for product information and insights

  • 360° view of the entire portfolio of products and services
  • A flexible data model that can be expanded according to business needs
  • Integration with existing systems and processes
  • Powerful semantic search and natural language querying

The Goal

A leading European manufacturer of electrical components wanted to improve their market positioning, make product integration easier, and simplify lifecycle management. To achieve that, they needed to demonstrate a good balance between their products’ quality, price, availability, capabilities, ease of use, and support. 

As a first step, they chose to improve the discoverability of their products for the large network of partners and integrators they had. They wanted to ensure the accuracy of product information and organize it in a way that could serve different purposes. 

The Challenge

The main challenge was the diverse and siloed data that existed. The manufacturer had a large-scale operation and handled hundreds of product lines. Each line spanned thousands of products with diverse characteristics like specific properties, intended use, modifications, degrees of manufacturing complexity, and assembly options. 

There were also different types of information addressing various aspects of the product lifecycle (engineering drawings, fact sheets, marketing materials, quality measurement, and testing data) and existing in many formats. The information resources were scattered across different systems and multiple teams were responsible for creating, storing, and maintaining them.

The Solution: A semantic knowledge graph based product library

The first step of the process was identifying all product lines, pre-existing catalog systems, and engineering repositories. This also involved understanding the relevant industry standards, production processes, current and upcoming compliance requirements, and interoperability needs. The resulting knowledge graph built by Ontotext enabled the manufacturer to integrate correct, current, and meaningful product information from multiple sources and turn it into practical knowledge. Powered by GraphDB – Ontotext’s leading RDF database for knowledge graphs – the highly connected and dynamic product library served as a central hub for product information. 

Using the flexible graph data model and state-of-the-art ontologies, the solution unified and standardized meaning across the manufacturer’s information resources. As the data loaded in the graph was of high quality and up-to-date, the product library consistently provided the manufacturer with relevant quantitative and qualitative information about their products. The addition of rich metadata allowed clear identification and significantly improved discoverability. 

Ontotext’s solution also featured user-friendly visualization, navigation, and several search capabilities for data consumption. It included large language model integration enabling different teams to perform natural language queries and receive the same quality results as professional SPARQL developers or system operators. This provided a solid foundation for organizing the product information in a way that could serve different purposes and for analyzing insights.

Business Benefits

  • 360° view of the entire portfolio of products and services
  • A flexible data model that can be expanded according to business needs
  • Integration with existing systems and processes
  • Powerful semantic search over harmonized data with granular filtering, faceting, and full-text search
  • Natural language control over the data via LLM-assisted navigation and querying 

Why Choose Ontotext

Implementing a semantic knowledge graph powered product library established a common language for interconnecting and managing disparate systems. This gave the manufacturer a holistic view of all their product information resources and improved their usability. 

With the new product library developed by Ontotext, the company improved the discoverability of its information resources and fostered further optimizations. As a result, they have improved their market positioning, made product integration easier, and simplified lifecycle management.

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