Ontotext’s GraphDB Powers a Leading STM Publisher’s Knowledge Platform

One of the leading STM publishers chose Ontotext for building a knowledge platform that would store and retrieve content enhancements and other forms of semantic metadata about their own content as well as other scientific resources published on the web. The main purpose of the project was to serve internal clients for developing new information products.

The Goal

A leading STM publisher needed to make available its data assets by exposing them to consumption for internal and external customers. Their aim was to become a data authority and enable the creation of diverse applications, by encouraging data consumption and reuse.

The Challenge

The required knowledge platform needed to store the data as RDF documents and to enable easy ingestion of data. Consequently, it had to support a long list of functional and operational requirements, the most important of which were:

  • efficient data import;
  • semantic data modeling and integration capabilities;
  • rich data consumption interfaces, including full SPARQL support and SOLR connector;
  • very high service availability and replication to multiple data centers;
  • excellent cluster stability;
  • processing of daily updates and quarterly major data source releases efficiently;
  • easy system setup and deployment automation;
  • minimal operation support and system administration efforts;
  • high-quality developer support.

The Solution: A Highly Scalable RDF Database Engine at the Heart of the Knowledge Platform

GraphDB successfully covered all of the project’s highly demanding requirements and was chosen by the STM publisher as the best RDF database engine to power their knowledge platform.

On top of that, Ontotext provided their migration service to ensure a smooth transition and delivered high-quality operational and developer support during the system setup, performance testing and system acceptance tests. It also optimized and fixed the compliance of all system SPARQL queries.

Business Benefits

  • Superior semantic data modeling and data integration
  • Rich data consumption interfaces
  • High availability of services
  • Easy update and maintenance

Why Choose Ontotext?

Ontotext’s GraphDB and data publishing consultancy services helped the STM publisher to prepare, organize, enrich, and publish datasets and associated metadata via a single, standard-compliant interface. This approach enabled wide data use and reuse, further enrichment, extension by linking with other datasets, and constant quality improvements.

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