Top-tier Investment Bank Gains Deeper Insights & Creates Better Investment Insights and Opportunities for Their Clients

Ontotext’s Company Knowledge Graph boosted the Bank’s competitive investment insight by putting their proprietary information into the context of global market data.

  • Improved competitive investment insight 
  • Surfaced information and insights previously locked in siloed data
  • Documented and automated business expertise and knowledge 
  • Gained a significant advantage over its competitors

The Goal

A top-tier investment bank wanted to identify better opportunities for their clients. They needed to be able to speed up their research, carry out deeper analysis, and perform more precise target qualification. By doing that, they wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer investment analysis that gave a unique perspective to any other on the market.

The Challenge

 Key challenges to achieving their goals included:

  • Many investment banks on the market get their data from the same providers and offer similar insights
  • External databases supply insufficient and often inadequate industry and product classifications
  • No single database can provide comprehensive company profiles and transaction coverage
  • Manual processing of information is expensive and time-consuming 
  • Relying on the intelligence of individual contributors for the bank’s insights caused great losses to the business, when key contributors left and took their expertise and knowledge with them

The Solution: A Highly Interlinked Comprehensive Company Graph for Deeper Analytics and Insights

The knowledge graph solution developed by Ontotext integrated data from multiple vendors (Factset, BvD, Refinitive, Crunchbasee, and Capital IQ) as well as the bank’s proprietary database into a single database. This data was further normalized and reconciled to an industry-specific ontology. To overcome the limitations of considerable manual processing, the solution also used machine learning techniques for matching descriptions of the same concept across different sources. It merged these descriptions into a single, rich, and comprehensive company profile, which was interlinked to other entities in the knowledge graph. 

The capabilities of Ontotext GraphDB for text analysis were augmented with tailor-made pipelines using BiLSTM neural networks. By extracting more facts from business news that were missing in the source databases, the company profiles were further enriched. The solution also extracted various relationships between companies, industries, products, related events, and more. The result was a highly interlinked comprehensive Company Graph that provides sophisticated discovery, reporting, and visualization facilities.

The GraphDB engine offers a powerful combination of structured queries, reasoning, graph analytics, full-text search, and semantic similarity, based on word and graph embedding. This powers an efficient faceted search interface, great incremental suggestions, and complex pattern discovery based on multi-hop relationships. This enables the bank to apply deeper analytics for various tasks such as evaluating transactions, detecting indirect associations, or identifying alternative investment targets.

Additionally, the solution keeps the graph up-to-date by continually updating all the different data and news sources. It performs a regular and thorough data quality analysis to guarantee that updates do not interfere with the initial normalization and reconciliations. The entity matching models are also continuously re-trained to improve accuracy over time.

Business Benefits

  • Boosting competitive investment insight by putting their proprietary information in the context of global market data and further refining it
  • Surfacing emergent information that otherwise requires a person, by formalizing and making human knowledge queryable
  • Documenting and automating the business expertise and knowledge so it’s not locked in the heads of individual contributors
  • Driving a significant competitive advantage by providing better opportunities for their clients as a result of a more powerful analysis of the current information

Why Choose Ontotext

Ontotext’s rich and comprehensive Company Graph creates synergy between data sources that don’t normally interact with each other and reflects real-world relationships. This gives the bank the technological means to find facts between datasets. It can now automatically bring together pieces of the same information that their competitors have access to and get deeper insights from it. As a result, they can better identify and present investment opportunities to their clients.

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