COMPACT: From Research To Policy Through Rasining Awareness Of The State-of-the Art On Social Media and Mainstream Media Convergence

  • Completed
  • Programme: H2020
  • Call: ICT-19-2017 - Media and content convergence
  • Start date: 01.10.2017
  • End date: 31.12.2020

COMPACT (From Research To Policy Through Rasining Awareness Of The State-of-the Art On Social Media and Mainstream Media Convergence) aims to increase awareness of the latest technological discoveries among key stakeholders in the context of social media and convergence. The project provides analysis and roadmaps of related initiatives. In addition, extensive research on policies and regulatory frameworks in media and content is developed.

All EU countries, as well as some additional countries, are covered in the project analyzes and deliverables on social media and mainstream media convergence.

Contact: Stanislav Slavkov

Project Overview

The COMPACT Project represents a Cooperation and Support Action under the EC H2020 umbrella, which deals with the broader issues of social media and convergence. This initiative is essential for stimulating a useful debate among the various stakeholders (the public, the researchers, scientific and other policymakers and regulators) on the desirable future policies and frameworks that are lacking in the state of the art concerning media and content convergence.

Additionally, the project seeks to provide research on and experience-exchange of policy and regulation strategies. The aim is to support the Research and Development digital programs by spreading innovative ideas and innovated outcomes in convergence.

Ontotext’s Role

Ontotext contributes to the identification of research agendas and definition of roadmaps for media convergence in WP1, collects national data about national policies on social media as part of WP2 and actively participates in the dissemination of COMPACT results in WP5. Ontotext leverages on its experience in social media analysis to help define research agendas for social network analysis, especially in relation to veracity and integration of social & mass media.

In addition, Ontotext provides support in establishing an Online Convergence Centre (OCC), which is inteded to be created as a follow-up. OCC is planned to be a virtual centre for training and analysis of the convergence of content in the process of its transferring from traditional to new media, from print to radio, TV, websites and social networks while implementing hybrid technologies.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 762128.


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