EHRI: The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

  • Completed
  • Programme: H2020
  • Call: INFRAIA-1-2014-2015 - Integrating and opening existing national and regional research infrastructures of European interest
  • Start date: 01.05.2015
  • End date: 31.10.2019

EHRI (The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure) is a flagship project that showcases the opportunities for historical research in the digital age funded by the EU (2015 – 2019).

Apart from providing an online platform, EHRI supports extensive network of researchers, archivists and private individuals to increase cohesion and co-ordination among practitioners and to initiate new transnational and collaborative approaches to the study of the Holocaust. EHRI seeks to overcome one of the hallmark challenges of Holocaust research: the wide dispersal of the archival source material across Europe across the globe resulting in the fragmentation of Holocaust historiography.

Contact: Vladimir Alexiev

Project Overview

The EHRI project has a core consortium of more than twenty organisations – research institutions, libraries, archives, museums and memorial sites. EHRI’s mission is to support the wider Holocaust research community by building a digital infrastructure and facilitating human networks. EHRI provides online access to information about dispersed sources relating to the Holocaust through its Online Portal, and tools and methods that enable researchers and archivists to collaboratively work with such sources. The resources and tools that EHRI is developing plays a vital role in the future of Holocaust research, commemoration and education. We can never replace the survivors, but we can honour and remember them by continuing to improve access to Holocaust sources. EHRI is dedicated to this task.

Ontotext’s Role

Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technologies transforming how organizations identify meaning across diverse databases and massive amounts of unstructured data. Ontotext blends text mining, powerful structured queries, semantic annotation and semantic search with an RDF graph database that infers new facts and meaning at scale.

As the leading supplier of RDF graph databases, Ontotext is one of the key technology partners for EHRI. For EHRI, Ontotext provides advanced text analysis and semantic search, contribute to vocabularies and ontologies, the semantic data integration, tools for publishing EAD archival descriptions and interlinking them with LOD datasets to ensure that EHRI is sustainable, scalable and accessible to anyone interested in holocaust research.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654164.

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