EUCLID: Educational Curriculum for the usage of Linked Data

  • Completed
  • Programme: FP7
  • Call: ICT-2011.4.1 - SME initiative on Digital Content and Languages
  • Start date: 01.05.2012
  • End date: 30.04.2014

EUCLID (Educational Curriculum for the usage of Linked Data) is a European project facilitating professional training for data practitioners, who aim to use Linked Data in their daily work. EUCLID delivers a curriculum implemented as a combination of living learning materials and activities (eBook series, webinars, face‐to‐face training), validated by the user community through continuous feedback.

Contact: Marin Dimitrov

Project Overview

Linked Data has established itself as the de facto means for the publication of structured data over the Web, enjoying amazing growth in terms of the number of organizations committing to use its core principles for exposing and interlinking data sets for seamless exchange, integration, and reuse. More and more ICT ventures offer innovative data management services on top of Linked (Open) Data, creating a demand for data practitioners possessing skills and detailed knowledge in this area.

Ensuring the availability of such expertise proves crucial if European businesses are to reap the full benefits of these advanced data management technologies, and the know‐how accumulated over the past years by researchers, technology enthusiasts and early adopters in various European Member States. EUCLID contributes to this goal by providing a comprehensive educational curriculum, supported by multi‐modal learning materials and highly visible eLearning distribution channels, tailored to the real needs of data practitioners.

Ontotext’s Role

Ontotext was the most active project partner in developing training materials, creating semantic integration cases and datasets, recording videos, publishing through the various project channels (Slideshare, Vimeo, Twitter, Linkedin).

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