Ambrosia: Europeana Food and Drink

  • Completed
  • Programme: FP7
  • Call: CIP-ICT-PSP-2013-7
  • Start date: 01.01.2014
  • End date: 30.06.2016

Ambrosia: Europeana Food and Drink is a project funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) that aims at promoting the wider re-use of the digital resources available through Europeana. Focusing on the rich and vibrant European Food and Drink culture and heritage, Europeana Food and Drink wishes to engage the general public, creative industries, cultural heritage organisations and the food and drink industries in creating, sharing, learning and making use of food and drink related content.

The project brings together 28 partners from across 16 European countries and is led by the UK-based Collections Trust. Leading content providers, creative technologists and creative industry partners are working together in order to create an evocative suite of commercial applications and products featuring food and drink related content catered to specific audiences.

Contact: Vladimir Alexiev

Project Overview

Europeana Food and Drink achieves its objectives by:

  • Discovering, preparing, licensing and uploading 50,000 – 70,000 unique high-quality digital assets and their associated metadata to Europeana
  • Engaging the general public, retailers and distributors in campaigns and in piloting and crowding activities to encourage them to share and make use of food and drink related content
  • Working with creative industry partners to develop a suite of innovative creative and commercial applications
  • Enhancing unique ideas via Open Innovation Challenges and extending the Europeana Open Labs network
  • Developing and sharing new knowledge, understanding and guidance on successful public/private partnerships focused on digital cultural content.

Ontotext’s Role

  • Provide 1000 high-quality traditional Bulgarian recipes, including photograph, ingredients list and preparation instructions
  • Develop a structured Food and Drink Classification Scheme to facilitate the classification, management and discovery of Europeana Food and Drink content
  • Establish a semantic infrastructure for text analysis (using Ontotext KIM), storing and querying semantic data (using OWLIM, which is already in use at the Europeana SPARQL endpoint:
  • Experiment with semantic text analysis (concept extraction) to develop approaches for automatic classification based on the Food and Drink Classification Scheme
  • Support Content Partners and Culture Sector Partners in the application of the Food and Drink Classification Scheme (and other appropriate classifications and thesauri) to their digital assets and associated descriptive metadata
  • Develop the Europeana Food and Drink Semantic Demonstrator, showcasing the use of the Europeana Food and Drink Content Base in semantic applications

We hope to reuse our experience with the Edamam Semantic Food KB for these tasks, but whereas Edamam deals exclusively with recipes, Europeana Food and Drink content is widely heterogeneous.

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