INSEMTIVES: Incentives for Semantics

  • Completed
  • Programme: FP7
  • Call: ICT-2007.4.4 - Intelligent content and semantics (ICT-2007.4.4)
  • Start date: 01.04.2009
  • End date: 31.03.2012

INSEMTIVES (Incentives for Semantics) combines research with development and real-world applications. The foundations are methods and guidelines facilitating semantic content creation in an incentives-driven manner. They underlie the INSEMTIVES platform (back-end) and various end-user tools for semantic content creation (front-end). These technology components are used in three case studies targeting the management of enterprise content, the annotation of Web service artifacts, and the management of multimedia in online worlds and games.

INSEMTIVES is funded as an Information and Communication Technologies Project under European Commission 7th FP. It started on 1st April 2009 with a 3 years duration. INSEMTIVES was coordinated by STI Innsbruck, Austria.

Contact: Borislav Popov

Project Overview

  • Define incentive models and process methodologies for semantic content authoring, mechanisms to integrate human and computational intelligence, methods supporting various phases of the life cycle of the generated content and models for its representation
  • Insure acceptance across a broad audience, we aim at developing lightweight, Web-based, software components that are smoothly integrated into the INSEMTIVES Platform and Toolkit
  • Show the appropriateness of the research and development undertaken in the project within diverse scenarios, ranging from the entertainment sector to enterprise knowledge management, through Web data and services consumption

Ontotext’s Role

  • Information retrieval methods for semantic content
  • Human-driven media annotation tools
  • Search and navigation tools
  • Definition of business models
  • Backend implementation

Demo of the Delivered System

See an example of Manual Annotation through INSEMTIVES platform

See an example of Semantic Search through INSEMTIVES platform



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