OntoWeb: Ontology-based information exchange for knowledge management and electronic commerce

  • Completed
  • Programme: FP5
  • Call: IST-2000-3.4 - Information Access, Filtering, Analysis and Handling
  • Start date: 06.06.2001
  • End date: 03.05.2004

OntoWeb (Ontology-based information exchange for knowledge management and electronic commerce) is a Thematic Network bringing together researchers and practitioners from industry who are interested in the development and application of ontology-based systems (including global systems such as the World Wide Web), to improve information processes in areas such as information retrieval, knowledge management, electronic commerce, and bioinformatics. It aims to strengthen the European influence on standardization efforts in areas such as the Semantic Web, upper-layer ontologies, and content standards.

Contact: Atanas Kiryakov

Project Overview

Ontologies, providing shared and common domain theories, are the key for realizing the Semantic Web vision. They can be understood as metadata explicitly representing data semantics in a machine processable way. Ontology-based reasoning services can operationalize the semantics to provide various services. Ontologies help people and computers to access the information they need, and to communicate effectively with each other. They enable content-based access, interoperability, and communication across the Web, providing it with a qualitatively new level of service: the Semantic Web.

Ontotext’s Role

Ontotext is part of SIG5 – Language Technology in Ontology Development and Use. It also cooperates with:

  • SIG1 – Content and Standards;
  • SIG2 – Ontology Language Standards;
  • SIG3 – Enterprise-Standard Ontology Environments.

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