TripCom: Triple Space Communication

  • Completed
  • Programme: FP6
  • Call: IST-2004-2.4.7 - Semantic-based Knowledge and Content Systems
  • Start date: 01.04.2006
  • End date: 31.03.2009

TripCom (Triple Space Communication) aims to:

  • Improve Tuple Space technology by adding semantics and means to structure and relate tuples in a scalable and linkable Triple Space architecture
  • Plan to improve Web service technologies by adopting the flexible and powerful asynchronous communication model of Tuple Space

TripCom is funded as a Specific Targeted Research Project under European Commission 6th FP with a budget around 3.7M euros. It started April 2006 with a 3 years duration. TripCom was coordinated by LFUI, Austria

Contact: Vassil Momtchev

Project Overview

The primary objective of Triple Space Communication (TripCom) is the development of a highly scalable,semantically enhanced communication infrastructure which is the result of the integration of Tuple Space, Semantic Web (triple), and Web service technologies. Based on Tuple Space Computing we build an innovative architecture (called Triple Space) as a platform for application integration based on persistent publication. We define schemas (Ontologies) for predefined standards to enable smooth publication of data and process descriptions. TripCom is based on Web protocols and Semantic Web technologies.

Ontotext’ Role

  • Defining the architecture and interfaces for the core storage component of a TripCom environment
  • Issues of representing semantic data models
  • Semantically enabling retrieval of tuples

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