TRR: Tracking of Research Results

  • Completed
  • Programme: Other
  • Start date: 12.10.2018
  • End date: 11.10.2022

Note: Tracking of Research Results (TRR) is different from the other projects in this section as it is a commercial, and not a research, project. However, we have decided to include it here as it has a direct bearing on other research projects.

The European Commision has contracted this project to a consortium including Ontotext for the design of methodologies and the development of new means for tracking research results that occur after the contractual period of the EU-funded projects has ended. The expected outcome is to enrich and complement the existing project results repositories of the Commission.

Contact: Nikola Rusinov & Vladimir Alexiev

Project Overview

The Tracking of Research Results project (TRR) aims to enable the policy makers in research and innovation to access, analyze and disseminate the outcomes and impacts of the funded research results in a more comprehensive manner.

The goal is to collect the quantitative and qualitative information about 8000 projects and to determine the impact that the research results might have in the medium and long-term. The scope of the project includes the identification and tracing of information about research results, new products based on them, inventors and patents as well as startups and enterprises that exploit them.

Ontotext’s Role

Ontotext is part of Sirma Group Holding. As a leading technology partner in TRR, Ontotext performs semantic data integration to build a science and innovation knowledge graph, combining information from multiple sources (including OpenAIRE, CrossRef, Microsoft Academic Graph, ORCID, etc.). TRR uses Ontotext’s existing technology for matching descriptions of people, organizations, locations and other types of entities across different sources, already proven in many commercial projects.

Ontotext also develops impact indicators such as Scientific Prizes, recognitions such as memberships in Learned Societies, Dissemination activities, Industrial and Innovation impact, researcher Next Destinations (mobility), etc.

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