HEREDITARY: HetERogeneous sEmantic Data integratIon for the guT-bRain interplaY

  • Active
  • Programme: Horizon Europe
  • Call: HORIZON-HLTH-2023-TOOL-05
  • Start date: 01.01.2024
  • End date: 31.12.2027

HEREDITARY is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation topic “Better integration and use of health-related real-world and research data, including genomics, for improved clinical outcomes” (HORIZON-HLTH-2023-TOOL-05-04).

The goal of HEREDITARY is to substantially change the way we detect diseases, predict treatment outcomes, and gain medical insights. It seeks to do this by creating a flexible, compatible, reliable, and secure system that brings together diverse health information (such as genetic data) while following privacy laws across different countries. 

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Contact: Svetla Boytcheva

Project Overview

HEREDITARY aims to develop a secure distributed system for multimodal health data linkage. On top of the integrated heterogeneous data, advanced semantic aware analytics and learning methods will be designed and applied, integrating multimodal and genomics data for improving Healthcare outcomes. In addition, HEREDITARY aims to develop interactive data-driven solutions to empower decision-making, prevention, and strengthen citizens’ trust.

The main focus of the HEREDITARY project will be the study of gut-brain interplay. The research will be focused on 5 use cases with clinical relevance across 4 medical centres: “Neurodegenerative diseases phenotyping & prognosis evaluation”, “Next-generation diagnosis and treatment response for neurodegenerative diseases”, “Signs of Parkinson’s disease in multimodal data”, “Phenotyping of the gut-brain axis in healthy individuals”, and “Gut-Brain linkage and disease relevance”.

Expected project results in the context of empowering data integration are a polystore system and multimodal ontology for gut-brain. For the implementation of data analytics and data privacy will be created software libraries for federated data analytics and privacy-preserving training of graph neural networks. Data interaction and visualization solutions will comprise a web interactive platform for working with data and analytics, open visualization applications for non-spatial and spatial data, and a search engine over a newly created knowledge base.

Ontotext’s Role

Within the HEREDITARY project, Ontotext leads the work on Knowledge Discovery and Enrichment and Evidence based knowledge graph creation and exploration. 

This includes enhancement of knowledge graphs through knowledge graph embeddings and data integration, creating a platform capable of extracting information and discovering new relationships from multimodal data, spatio-temporal data harmonization and development of advanced self-supervised learning and multimodal learning methods.

In addition, Ontotext will greatly aid the effort in developing a multimodal semantic integration platform and visual querying and analytical interactions.

Finally, Ontotext will also have a management role in innovations, exploitation, and sustainability of the HEREDITARY project results to maximize the impact of the key exploitable results for business and market aspects.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101137074

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