UNDERPIN: Pan-European Data Space for Holistic Asset Management in Critical Manufacturing Industries

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  • Programme: Other
  • Call: DIGITAL-2022-CLOUD-AI-03
  • Start date: 01.12.2023
  • End date: 30.11.2025

UNDERPIN addresses the vision of the European Digital Single Market with the idea of a European-wide Data Space for Manufacturing for dynamic asset management and predictive/prescriptive maintenance. 

Project website: https://underpinproject.eu/ 
CORDIS website: N/A
Social Media:  LinkedIn, Facebook, X(Twitter), Youtube
Contact: Petar Ivanov/Vladimir Alexiev

Project Overview

UNDERPIN is a cross-organizational and cross-use-case European-wide Data Space for Manufacturing for dynamic asset management and predictive/prescriptive maintenance. Various stakeholders will take part such as European manufacturers in the refinery and renewable energy domains, their value chain ecosystem of SMEs and governmental, research and civil society stakeholders. They will be equipped with sustainable and secure yet user friendly Data Space aiming at improving processes, cost structure, and material management via state-of-the-art data analysis. 

UNDERPIN ensures data sovereignty, with strong focus on the interplay of SMEs and large industry players to improve products and services. UNDERPIN will ensure higher performance, reduced overall downtimes and maintenance costs, improved future machine designs, new service models, and much more. 

Upon completion, UNDERPIN will be a mature Data Space, which ensures security, interoperability, scalability, high performance, increased usability, and standards compliance. UNDERPIN is compliant to EU standards, Data acts, IDSA and GAIA-X guidelines. In this way it will create a trust framework, a sustainable business model for the Data Space operator Motor Oil, and a Europe-wide scale-out plan to establish a European Data Space for Manufacturing.

Ontotext’s Role

In UNDERPIN, Ontotext is undertaking the role of Technical Lead, ensuring that the various technical packages work in synergy and the implementation of the project is progressing according to plan. 

Ontotext is also leading the work on Data Space Interoperability via Knowledge Graphs and Vocabulary Hub. One of the key requirements of UNDERPIN is semantic interoperability, whereby semantic data processing is added to the core of Data Spaces, not just for metadata but also for the payload (business) data. This improves the efficiency of tasks related to data preparation, processing, and integration.

Last but not least, Ontotext will also be involved in efforts on use cases for Data Space demonstration and validation, including the creation of Digital Product Passports (DPP) for some of the products and components involved in the use cases.

This project is co-funded by the European Union under grant agreement No: 101123179. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Commission. Neither the European Union nor the European Commission can be held responsible for them.



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